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There are More Shutter Styles Than You Realize

Shutters have always been a very popular option as window deco and as a form of protection for your home. They come in many shapes and sizes and they can be ordered from any local window shutters London store. The procedure is simple, and only requires that you pick out the colour you like most and the design that you feel will most complement your home. However, there are different types of shutter designs, so it would help if you knew what all those names mean.

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Café shutters may seem like an odd choice, but they are practical in their own way. They only cover one half of the window, usually the bottom half, and are usually used for privacy. It may seem strange that they only cover the window partially, but this is a good choice if you need privacy, yet want a great amount of daylight to still be able to enter your home at the same time. They also cost half the price of an entire shutter wing, so you may lean towards this option if you are looking for a way to save up some money.

The double winged shutters are the most popular option, and they are certainly the ones that you can customise the most. They will fit any window or door, and come in a variety of shapes and mechanisms for different use. These shutters are divided half way through, which means that they resemble the café shutters because each half works independently of the other with two separate mechanisms. They can be made from different types of timber, although they are not the best choice for placement outside of your home, because if you are living in an area with string winds and blizzards, the small crack between the two layers of shutters will still allow a certain amount of air to get through.

If your windows or doors are really tall, then you will be choosing the shutters that cover the entire area. These shutters are a little more difficult to make and cannot be made from all kinds of timber because they can become very heavy. They are usually made from bamboo or oak trees and require a professional to come to your home to make the required measurements. They are also the more expensive option, costing almost twice as much as regular shutters. But they are an excellent investment that will protect your home for a very long time. They come with a lifetime guarantee and are very easy to clean and maintain. They operate with the same mechanism as regular shutters and can be opened and closed at will.

Fixed shutters are not an everyday buy, but they have a very specific purpose – to protect the windows from strong outside elements. These shutters cannot be opened or closed, they come in one fixed position that you order them in. they are not the type of shutters that are kept on windows if anyone is living in the home, because they completely shut out all light, but they are a great protection from hurricanes and blizzards. These shutters can only be made from the strongest timber, and are only attached to windows at times of emergency.

Shutters are a fantastic investment, and something that every home needs. If you are knew to shutters and all the different designs they come in, feel free to ask one of the local plantation shutters London representatives to give you a hand and some great advice on the topic. It is best to learn as much as you can about shutters before making your purchase, because they are not something that you will be changing very often.

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